PVC Road Cone Main Introduction

Manufacturing process

PVC Road cone using PVC material injection into [1], set of plastic toughness in a, with high reflective materials, reflective effect is good. Cone surface application of reflective materials have reflective film PVC reflective cone sleeve.


Race Yard Road isolation, sidewalk road segregation. All kinds of Exhibition hall isolation use, maintain the hall order. can also be used in the stadium, the circuit to isolate, to avoid other people to walk freely, causing unnecessary damage.


1, PVC road cone with compressive resistance, after rolling can be quickly restored to the original state, can be folded 180 degrees.

2, PVC road cone with high temperature, antifreeze, not easy to fade and easy to damage the stability of the performance.

3, color eye-catching, high-grade reflective film in the evening can reflect the dazzling light, so that motorists at a glance.