Production Process Of Plastic Cone

1. Mix material, high pressure polyethylene, color masterbatch, defoaming agent and other raw materials according to a certain proportion of uniform mixing.

2. Extrusion: Through a certain amount of pressure, the mixture of mixed evenly squeezed out.

3. Mold forming: Squeeze out the mixture and then through the mold processing molding.

4. Trimming: Some extra burrs are trimmed with a knife. Trim and put aside to cool.

5. Gaza Strip: General Plastic road cone bottom are with sand, for the plastic road cone is more stable, not easy to be knocked down or wind blown down.

6. Add Reflective cone Sleeve: The road cone itself is used to put in some construction sites, large public places, used for traffic warning, plus reflective cone sleeve is to make way for the cone in the dark night, under the glare of the headlights to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.