Development Prospect Of Plastic Cone

Guangzhou will increase the investment and construction of major infrastructure, will invest 828.2 billion yuan to build 283 projects, of which 28 intercity rail projects, investment accounted for nearly 40% of the total investments. "Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on the acceleration of urban infrastructure construction of the implementation of the views" and "Guangzhou 2014-2016 important infrastructure Project plan" has been approved at the municipal government meeting on May 26, and was again considered by the Committee yesterday.

The scheme is divided into 12 major projects with a total investment of about $828.2 billion, of which a total of 283 items are invested, of which about 423.6 billion yuan is invested in the 2014-2016-year plan. Include: International aviation hub Port project, coastal main hub Port Engineering, railway main Junction project, inter-city urban rail transit engineering, high speed network engineering, information Infrastructure engineering, energy security and new energy engineering, ecological facilities engineering, environmental protection facilities Engineering, Water conservancy facilities engineering, municipal facilities engineering and cultural facilities engineering. Among them, cultural facilities engineering, in addition to the general cultural infrastructure, but also includes science and technology, education, medical and health and civil affairs and other areas of infrastructure content. As one of the main products of transportation facilities, the road cone plays a great role in the future infrastructure construction.