The connection of traffic lights

From the earliest hand belt to the the 1950s electrical control, from the use of computer control to the modernization of electronic timing monitoring, traffic lights in the scientific and automated constantly updated, development and improvement.

Traffic Command Lights African-American Jared Morgan was invented in 1923. Previously, rail traffic had been using automatic conversion of light signals for some time. But since the train is running in a single column on a fixed timetable, and the train is not easy to stop, the signal used on the railway is only one command: Pass. Traffic lights on the road are different, and the responsibility is largely to tell the car driver to stop the vehicle.

Nobody in the car wants to see the parking signal. James, a psychologist at the University of Hawaii in the United States, points out that people have a tendency to link brakes and throttle to self-esteem. He said: When the driver saw the yellow light, he secretly prepared for the acceleration. If the red light lights up at this time, it will produce a feeling of disappointment immediately. He called the intersection "psychological Dongli District." If his theory were to be established, the region should belong to the Floyd (Supere go) rather than the instinctive (ID) category in the theory of psychology.

The new traffic lights can take pictures of the people who ran the red light. The delinquent driver will soon receive a ticket. Some traffic lights also have the ability to monitor the speed of vehicles.