System structure of solar energy lamp

Solar Light by the solar module, some LED lamps, control box (its control box has a charger, controller, battery) and a few parts of the lamp rod. The solar panel light effect achieves 127wp/m2, the efficiency is high, the system's wind resistant design is very advantageous; the lamp base is integrated with 1W white led and 1W yellow light led on the printed circuit board as a planar luminous source.

The Control box box is made of stainless steel as material, beautiful and durable, the control box is placed in a maintenance-free lead-acid battery and a special charge controller for solar street lamp, which is developed by the patented technology of slow pulse charge and discharge. Valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery is used in the system, because of its little maintenance, it is also known as "maintenance-free battery", which helps to reduce system maintenance costs; charge and discharge controller in the design of a full set of functions (with light control, time control, overcharge protection, over and over protection and reverse protection, etc.) and cost control, to achieve a high cost-effective.