Installation method of warning light

1, to install this warning light car friends remind: warning light is divided into positive and negative, positive connect 58 ports, negative connection screws, otherwise it will not blink

2. Open the T73-a must be careful operation, due to the small space, waist bad students do not worry, slowly! How to open a specific photo.

3, the normal wiring method, wiring, one end of the screw, one end of the broken line to connect 58 ports, once again broken line wiring, just normal flashing.

4, the long row of warning lights correct access is: The red line of the loudspeaker to connect the engine input, positive black line connect the engine input negative, normal flashing mode: should be connected to the yellow and white lines will blink, and then blue Wire receiver horn, bus to the joint control flashing module

5, small warning light general connection is red line corresponding to the battery cathode, black line corresponding to the battery cathode, in addition to halogen rotating warning lights